Top 5 St. Tropez beach clubs

My blog post last month was about beach clubs in Ibiza and it sparked a healthy debate, here and elsewhere, about Tripadvisor. The take away for me was suck it and see, for yourself. It’s like reading reviews of a film you’d like to see, the reviews universally panning said film and then you walking away after viewing and wondering where the reviewers heads were at; it was a winner for you. Of course every establishment should take a bad review seriously, if they care enough, If they don’t they’ll soon go out of business. Anyway, this month’s blog is about the joys of beach clubs in St Tropez and I dare say some of these have been shot at from the people who contribute to Tripadvisor. A day at a beach club can offer you comfort and great food, in a stunning location. Why not be pampered and looked

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