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Popular – Nginx Hosting, VPS And Dedicated Servers - Nginx Hosting, VPS And Dedicated Servers - Nginx Hosting, VPS And Dedicated Servers is on the USA market since 2005, in 2013 started offering NGinx cPanel Hosting and Hybrid VPS in Europe. Trough the years more services have been added, like varnish cache and The LiteSpeed Enterprise Servers, a lot of things have improved. That way we have become the top global hosting provider that offers shared hosting with all the major types of acceleration plugins for cPanel - Nginx, Varnish and LiteSpeed. In 2019 decided to expand towards other control panels for different needs.

Services ( for more information, you can click each row ) :

  1. Nginx Accelerated Hosting - starting at € 2.98 / MONTH. You can choose servers in different locations - Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, UK, Spain, USA, Canada
  2. VPS Hybrid Plans - starting at €4.98 / MONTH
  3. Virtual Dedicated Servers - Request info <== Click Here
  4. Server Management Services ==> Click HERE for more info <==

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Nginx ("engine x") is an ultra-fast and extremely powerful Web server that delivers CMS and Shop system (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Open Cart, and etc.) faster than Apache. Varnish Cache is an HTTP accelerator designed for dynamic content-heavy web sites and heavily consumed APIs. LiteSpeed is Apache drop-in replacement that serve sites up to several times faster than it.

Once the servers are equipped with acceleration plugin they deliver web pages much faster than an out of the box cPanel installation.

We can offer you even more...

If your package is not listed below, please contact us to build a solution for your particular needs.


0 Reviews